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Heal dry hard white skin

My heels are always hard and dry even when I scrub them they are soft for an hour then go back hard again. When I take a long shower or go to the beach the heel turns a thick white color and it looks like a thick layer of dead skin and it hurts, it(read more)

Pain across ball of foot

I have been having pain across the ball of my foot for a few months. More so when I wear any shoes other than flip-flops. Feels like bones are grinding together, causing pain, numbness. Hurts alot when I walk on uneven ground. My 2,3 and 4 the toes go numb. The pain can be excruciating.

Big toe pain

Hello, First I will share that a podiatrist diagnosed me 10 years ago with fractures to both sets of sesamoid bones in both feet. This diagnosis was reached after scans were performed and based on the pain and burning in the balls of my feet along with the obvious deformity (big toes looked flex at(read more)

Pain in Outer Part of Foot

I have pain on the outside center of my foot. It hurts badly after standing or walking for awhile. I have no bunions. I have changed shoes to see if it is my shoes. Sometimes I notice being barefoot feels better. Thank you, Robin

back of heel pain

making this as a follow up to my old post.. as no one seems to respond… current updates, been to podiatrist i do have haglunds (like i already knew) but he says it’s more prominent on my right heel. ( the one with the pain), i got insoles, but doesn’t help, it hurts no matter(read more)

foot pain

How does being bow-legged affect the feet, ankles, knees, and hip joints?

Foot Laceration with sliced tendon

A week ago, I stepped on a broken glass bottle and cut my foot very badly (you could see my fourth metatarsal when my toes were pulled back). The tissues were stitched together and the cut was also stitched, and it is healing well without any signs of infection. However, as I feared, the foot(read more)

Foot drop surgery

Long story short I had compartment syndrome after i broke my leg and it resulted in me losing some anteriror tib muscle which gave me foot drop. Last year i got a tendon tranafer surgery for foot drop which transferred my posterior tibialis to the top of my foot to help dorsiflex, which it did(read more)

Anterior Ankle Impingement

Some quick general information about me 21 years male Athlete. Information about injury: Last year February i had a severe sprain in my ankle. The pain has not yet subsided and the pain occurs with dorsiflexion. Imagine lunges and squats with my knee forward to my ankle. That is when the pain is the worst.(read more)

Stubbed Toe

Hello, What happened was I had to make a sudden stop (wearing work boots) and my big toes slammed into the front of my boot. It was like I stubbed my toes inside my own boot! The pain felt different than I’m used to. It burned more. The left toe stopped hurting within 10 minutes(read more)
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