Diabetic Foot Management & New Trends- Educational Oration held at Fortis Hiranandani Vashi

Diabetic Foot Management & New Trends- Educational Oration held at Fortis Hiranandani Vashi

Dr. Anthony Iorio from U.S & Dr. Milind Ruke from Fortis Hiranandani, Vashi addressed general practitioners of Navi Mumbai on 'Diabetic Foot Management & New Trends' in Fortis Hiranandani Hospital at Vashi and shared their insights into clinical diagnosis and treatment modalities.

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, September 13, 2012 /India PRwire/ -- Podiatry or "Podiatric Medicine" is a field of medical care primarily devoted to the study and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and sometimes knee, leg and hip (collectively known as the lower extremity). Podiatry as a field of medical is not very well known is India. We have no specialized care doctors who are not trained in podiatry care. On the other hand countries like Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore etc, have established care in podiatry since decades. In India, most of the cases in podiatry are of diabetic foot complications, followed by varicose veins, peripheral vascular disease, nail diseases etc. India is home to the second highest number of people living with diabetes in the world, after China. Today there are over 45 million people grappling with the disease, and the numbers show no signs of reduction.

With a view to make podiatry reach the masses Fortis Hospital, Vashi took an initiative of this continued medical education where general practitioners from the vicinity of Navi Mumbai & Mumbai were invited and educated on Podiatry. Dr. Anthony & Dr. Milind Ruke conjointly addressed the gathering on 'Diabetic Foot Management & New Trends' & 'Management of Diabetic Foot Infections' respectively. Dr. Iorio shared his 32 years of experience in podiatry management from international perspective whereas Dr. Milind Ruke with his 15 years of his experience enlightened on the current Indian scenario of 'diabetic foot conditions'. With the help of statistics, Dr. Ruke revealed that 15% of all those living with the disease will develop foot problems related to diabetes, and may suffer from various deformities of the toes and feet. These can develop from a combination of causes including neuropathy (nerve damage) and/or poor blood supply to the foot, which creates areas of raised pressures in the soles of the feet, where ulcers develop. These ulcers act as portals for the entry of bacteria leading to serious infections, which in the already immune compromised patients can result in amputations or even death. He also added that extensive epidemiological surveys have indicated that between 40% and 70% of all lower extremity amputations are related to diabetes. This means that every 30 seconds a lower limb is lost due to diabetes in the world. In India, an estimated 50,000 amputations occur per year due to diabetes related foot problems. Majority (85%) of these diabetes-related amputations are preceded by foot ulcers.

India urgently requires podiatrist & podiatry centres in primary, secondary & tertiary level care as most of this treatment requires multidisciplinary approach. Such small initiatives taken by doctors in all corners of India will get India rid of being called the Diabetes capital of the world.

Notes to Editor

Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi is part of Fortis Healthcare Limited, a leading integrated healthcare delivery provider in the Pan Asia-Pacific region. Currently, the company operates its healthcare delivery network in 10 countries with 75 hospitals, many of which represent the fastest-growing healthcare delivery markets in the world. Fortis Hiranandani Vashi brings with it a wealth of medical expertise with the finest talents among doctors, nurses and a support staff and is equipped with 149 beds and spread over the area of 1,20,000 sq.ft. With its main focus on super specialties like cardiac sciences, neurosciences, oncology, orthopedic, minimally invasive surgery, renal sciences, gastroenterology; it aims at providing superlative care to residents of Navi Mumbai.

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- Diabetic Foot Management & New Trends- Educational Oration held at Fortis Hiranandani Vashi -

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